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Año 2011, Volumen 61 - Número 4
Año 2011, Volumen 61
Número 4

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Trabajos de Investigación
Avaliação da eficácia da suplementação com melaço na dieta de ratos normais e depletados

M.J. de C. C. Costa, L.H.M. Moraes, F.M. Bion, M.A.A.Rivera, L.S.A.Moura, M.L.Conceição
Universidade Federal da Paraíba Campus Universitário- Paraíba, Brasil.

Efficacy of adding molasses to the diet of normal and depleted rats

Molasses, a sugar cane by-product, has been consumed in Brazil since colonial times. The efficacy of molasses added to the diet of normal and depleted laboratory animals on growth and hemoglobin was tested. Forty weaning males rats, of 21 days of age, were divided into four groups of ten animals: Control (casein diet with 10.14% protein); Molasses (casein diet with 10.14% protein and 12.50% molasses); Depleted Control and Depleted Molasses, the later two submitted to protein depletion for the first 7 days of the trial. Animals were weighed at weaning (initial weight) and at the end of the experiment (final weight) and were fed the experimental rations and water ad libitum for 28 days (normal animals) and 21 days (depleted animals). Consumption was registered in order to calculate the Food Efficiency Ratio. At the end, animals fasted for 10 hours, killed and blood was collected by cardiac puncture to determine hemoglobin levels. Weight gain in all groups did not show statistically significant differences. Molasses fed animals presented a small, but not significant increase in hemoglobin levels, compared to the control groups. Considering the possible deleterious effects of a high sugar diet, that can originate furfural during food processing, it is necessary to conduct more studies to evaluate the utilization of these products for human consumption.

Key words: Molasses, supplementation, rats, depletion, hemoglobin.

Recibido: 07/08/1999
Aceptado: 08/09/2000

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