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Año 2011, Volumen 61 - Número 4
Año 2011, Volumen 61
Número 4

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Trabajos de Investigación
Elaboración de galletas con una mezcla de harina de trigo y de plátano verde

Ronald Maldonado y Emperatriz Pacheco de Delahaye
Instituto de Química y Tecnología. Facultad de Agronomía, Universidad Central de Venezuela.
Maracay, Venezuela.

Elaboration of a formula of cookies with a flour mixture of wheat/green plantain

With the purpose of diverifying the use of green plantain flour, a functional evaluation was perfomed by substituting 7% of chocolate cookie wheat flour by dehydrated green plantain flour; thus allowing to obtain a product with good physical and organoleptic qualities, as well as a better nutritional quality, as for dietary fibre and resistant starch. As a result of the use of this dehydrated green plantain flour (G-HT/HPV), the values of some chemical components increased significantly (P£0,05) in comparison to the standar cookies (GP): ash (2,46 to 2,69%), proteins (8,93 to 9,69%), dietary fiber (4,97 to 5,40%), resistant starch (0,19 to 0,23 %) and total sugar (25.26 to 30,55). The G-HT/HPV complies with the industrial requirements as for moisture (2,7300%), ph (8,43), aw (0,205) and color (L=31,78; a=7,95 and b=10,51). Besides, thanks to the use of G-HT/HPV the flours scattering during the kneaded process was diminished, thus reducing the cookie diameter and increasing the resistance to breaking (1,48 to 2,06 Kgf), in comparison to the GP. While avaluating the shelf life for G-HT/HPV, it was demonstrated that was afected by moisture, pH, aw and acidity after the first month of storage. In the preference comparison test between the G-HT/HPV and a trademark cookie (GC), no significant differences were founded. Both were accepted and qualified between good and very good, as for sensorial features like colour, fragance and taste. However, significant differences were detected in relation to texture, and they were corroborated in the texture profile analysis. In this test the panel staff, while evaluating both types of cookies demonstrated that there are 8 features that can be used to describe them: firm, crumbly, crisp, mealy, soft, lumpy, particle size and chewy.

Key words: Flour, green plantain, flour, cookie, fibre, starch resistant.

Recibido: 23/09/1999
Aceptado: 09/12/1999

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