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Año 2011, Volumen 61 - Número 4
Año 2011, Volumen 61
Número 4

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Trabajos de Investigación
Formulación de alimentos para celíacos con base en mezclas de harinas de quínoa, cereales y almidones

Valeria Del Castillo, Gerardo Lescano, Margarita Armada
Consejo de Investigación de la Universidad Nacional de Salta (CIUNSa), Facultad de Ingeniería de la Universidad
Nacional de Salta, Instituto de Investigaciones para la Industria Química (INIQUI – CONICET) – Argentina

Foods formulation for people with celíac disease based on quinoa (Chenopoduim quinoa), cereal flours and starches mixtures

Gluten free food for people with celiac disease based on quinoa, rice and corn flours and starches, were formulated. An informatic tool (ALIM V 1.0) developed by the authors, was used for the formulation of these foods. The obtained products were pancakes, scons, precooked pizza and bread which were analyzed in their chemical composition (protein, fat, fiber, moisture, ash and carbohydrates). Water activity (aw), acceptability and texture parameters (hardness, gumminess, chewiness, adhesiveness and cohesiveness) were also determined. Commercial products (C) were taken as reference and were performed the same analysis to formulated products (F). Significant differences were found in protein, fat moisture, ash and fiber content and in most of the texture parameters studied in both food groups (p<0.05). In pancakes and scones (F) was observed an increase of protein of 88 and 198% respectively, while prepizza and bread (F) showed lower contents (8 and 22%) respect to their commercial pairs, however all products (F) have Chemical Scores higher to 100. The aw of products (F) and (C), gave values similar to the data cited on bibliography for analogous products. The formulations more acceptable (values over 80%) were scones and pancakes. Overall, the formulated products provide good quality proteins, have good textural characteristics and adequate percentages of acceptability to be used in the feeding of celiac patients.

Key words: Formulated foods, celiac, quinoa flour, flour mixes.

Recibido: 23/03/2009
Aceptado: 24/07/2009

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