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Año 2011, Volumen 61 - Número 4
Año 2011, Volumen 61
Número 4

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Lactancia materna, alimentación complementaria y malnutrición infantil en los Andes de Bolivia

Yesmina Cruz Agudo, Andrew D. Jones, Peter R. Berti, Sergio Larrea Macías
Organización Vecinos Mundiales-Bolivia, Cochabamba-Bolivia, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, E.E.U.U.

Breastfeeding, complimentary feeding practices and childhood malnutrition in the Bolivian Andes

Northern Potosí is one of the poorest parts of Bolivia with the highest indicators of rural poverty, malnutrition and food insecurity in the Bolivian Andes. The objective of this research was to characterize the levels of malnutrition and describe infant feeding practices in Potosi, Bolivia and use this information to develop an effective, gender sensitive and culturally relevant intervention encouraging good infant feeding practices. Standard methods were used to collect anthropometric data. Weight and height data were collected for 400 children under five years of age from 30 communities. In six of these communities, interviews and focus group discussions were conducted with 33 mothers and other families in addition to household observational data that were collected to describe infant feeding practices. Nearly 20% of children were underweight; stunting was widespread as well. 38% of mothers initiated breastfeeding 12 hours or more after birth. 39% of mothers initiated complementary feeding in the first three months following birth. The type of complementary food given to children was usually inadequate. With this research we could see that nutritional deficiencies often begin when the mother starts breastfeeding and when first introduced complementary feeding. Interventions aimed at improving maternal and child nutrition will require changes in parents’ behavior, greater recognition and community support of the importance of child feeding, and the inclusion of strategies to reach young people, involve men, and make high quality nutrition promotion more widely available in the communities

Key words: Breast feeding, feeding practices, malnutrition, Bolivia.

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