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Juan Ramírez Godínez1, Judith Jaimez Ordaz1, Luis Guillermo González Olivares1, Bryan Gacía Álvarez1, Araceli Castañeda Ovando1, Jair Emmanuel Onofre Sánchez1, Elizabeth Contreras López1.

1Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo, Pachuca de Soto, México.

Background and aims. The beverage market is dominated by products high in sugars and calories without health benefits. This research was aimed to carry out the physicochemical characterization, the evaluation of the stability and the antioxidant activity of two healthy beverages elaborated with antioxidant aqueous ginger extracts and blackberry.

Methods. The physicochemical characterization (moisture, protein, ash) was carried out according to AOAC techniques and the carbohydrate content was calculated by difference. The stability of the beverages was evaluated through the measurement of total soluble solids, acidity, pH, color, antioxidant activity (FRAP, DPPH), total phenolic content, and microbiological indicators according to official Mexican standards). The kinetics were monitored once a week for two months at 20°C and 6°C.

Results. The formulations carbohydrate content was 5.23 and 15.54% for the ginger and ginger-blackberry drink, respectively. Total soluble solids and acidity showed little variation during storage at 20°C and 6°C meanwhile pH a decrease was observed (from 4.09 to 3.47 and from 3.35 to 3.19 for the ginger and gingerblackberry beverage respectively). The color was affected in the ginger-blackberry formulation, where luminosity decreased significantly during storage. Both drinks showed antioxidant activity (ginger: 156 mgTE / 100g; 191.32 mgFe2 + / 100g and 266.66 mg gallic acid / 100g; ginger-blackberry: 497.6 mgTE / 100g; 410.15 mgFe2 + / 100g and 178.05 mg gallic acid / 100g). No growth of any of the microorganisms analyzed was observed.

Conclusions. The inclusion of blackberry contributed to the physicochemical properties and antioxidant activity. Refrigeration is the best option to store this type of product without affecting its properties. Ginger and ginger-blackberry beverages represent a healthy alternative to those on the market.

Key words: ginger, blackberry, healthy beverages, antioxidant activity, stability.